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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had d me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> five big stories tonight. an outing at a local reservoir scrambling.crews a massive effort underway to missing swimmer. >> plus, late developments on rest of the d.c. police accused of the death of her 1-year-old
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daughter. to courtdwards heads the cover-up and of -- of an that could ultimately send him to prison. in the streets of new york city on fire. caused this road to burst into flames. >> live, and in hd, this is abc7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> it is friday night in the big story tonight is the search for a swimmer who disappeared in the of a local reservoir. news choppers 7 was over the scene this evening near broke bill, maryland. said that the young water at 5 ofthe not resurface. rescuers were out scrabbly for most of the night. >> the search wrapped up for the couple of hours with love once pleading that they cannot stop now.
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they say they are dear friend never deserved this. allhis whole community is isy family oriented, so it someonead to hear that drowned.e >> within the loring waters of the tried delphi reservoir lies --t friends and family fare, fear. this young man and woman, too camera,ht to speak on around 5:00 tonight they their dearng with friend, bruce. every weekend. they say this time he went under back up. came >> the fire rescue searchers been searching since about 5:30 until now. >> they tried frantically to him, but unsuccessfully. rescue teams from montgomery and howard counties garrard the waters from helicopters, boat,
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canines, but by 9:00, luck, and the rescue had gone from rescue to recovery. worked at a local organic market. they say he gave of the most positive vibes and always had a smile on his face. >> we are all around the same age. i can only imagine how his family must feel. >> the recovery efforts will at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a great story is are oution why so many for activitieser this weekend. you need to remember to be careful out there. bob ryan is standing by in the center. >> what a perfect beginning to weekend for your friday night, with the clear skies. visibility, looking out
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washington. at the temperatures. after they were up in the 80's today, with this dry air already 50's in the suburbs. a clear, cool night, be a 50-50 weekend. i will join you in a few minutes. also tonight, new of amation on the killings daughter in st. george's in prince county. onautopsy has been completed wright and jaylin .right we are learning that more charges could follow. a vigil for the victims at just up.ped >> let me begin with this. a prince george's police source me that 20-year-old wright was shot in the head. jaylin, lefthter
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car, died of heat exposure. it was an extremely emotional night here. loved ones gathered right me in the community grieve the woman and baby together. tears streamed down the faces of friends and family members. one woman became so overcome she collapsed to the ground. her astried to support for her 29-year-old wright and hera jaylin.ld daughter they prayed and sang, justice wherewright's body found thursday night. just steps away from where was found thursday night. his mother said she was not that her son had a wright. with was a policeman.
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do something stupid like that? notin's body was found from the hillcrest -- heights community center. >> we hope that he'd find peace within himself. >> phillips is being held bond for the murder. a prince george's police source the medical examiner has not ruled the baby's death a but it is likely that jury would indict phillips in that. abc7 has learned that tarnished brass company involved deadly accident has under a falsen name. the transportation department that sky expressed repaid
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buses and then sold tickets under another name. the cease and desist order has for the company. the bus driver involved in the grass, 37-year-old kin yiu cheung faces manslaughter charges. former presidential candidate insists he has not the law. today he pleaded not guilty in a carolina court to six violating federal campaign laws. the former senator is accused of using campaign money to cover up affair and that out-of-wedlock child. he apologized for his indiscretions but maintained his innocence. question that i wrong, but i take for having done wrong. i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and harm that i caused. >> edwards went on to contend that he never knowingly misused
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misspent campaign donations. if found guilty, he could face to five years in prison and each of in fines for the six accounts he is facing. the heat is turned up for this week's power outage. a d.c. council member has called investigation into pepco is performance. the public service commission investigatede alexander.o and new jobs report gives a on the nation's economic recovery. hasica's unemployment rate taken a slight jump, up to 9.1%. employers added that u.s. number in eight months. federal and local governments affected by it. analysts say the weak job market will play a key role in the 2012 presidential election. coming up, fighting for
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to just dance. c l week in protest at the jefferson memorial has grown by leaps and bounds. dozens of young people tribute to their murdered old friend. that story is coming up.
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tonight a community comes remember a young murder victim. still no definite word tonight jessicato kill little nguyen. not only were plenty of people remember jessica tonight, but the police showed up as well. richard is live at police on allrters with more us tonight. >> what a heartbreaking story. as you mentioned, at -- at 12- in herd girl is killed own home. police still have many questions.
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dozens of young people coming out tonight to pay tribute. with songs and candles and .ears was my best friend since the third grade. >> dozens of gaithersburg middle gathered together to remember jessica. >> i just miss my best friend. i love her. i don't think she deserved this. >> jessica was found dead in the her family townhouse around 7:30 p.m. tuesday night. >> i really don't think this -- isike the child.ith >> police are saying little than there was, to the upper body. a bowl covert in chisel and a crowbar. bolt cutter. >> out front, there is a growing makeshift memorial. >> i decided to come over here
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all my love to work. >> there are many questions as people and their understand ao terrible loss. >> we cannot do anything about incident, but we just pray her soul, that she gets peace. >> as you saw there, there were many tears, but there was also laughter, and moments of silence. asked us, how do you to an 11-year-old or a 12-year-old? so far there are no arrests in this case. thestill ahead, lighting up streets in the big apple. part of a neighborhood there was forced to evacuate. if you ride the rails here weekend we have some
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out this crazy seen afternoon in new york city. an underground electrical fire from thees shooting middle of the avenue. gas lines were shut down and traffic had to be detoured. the good news is that no injuries were reported. quite a scare for those folks up there. a school trip to new jersey park in in tragedy. authorities said 12-year-old died after falling 100 feet from a ferris wheel on the boardwalk. it was billed as one of the tallest ferris wheels on the east coast. investigating the accident but say it
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appears the problem was not mechanical. protesters who just want the right to dance are expected to the nation's capital. it stems from this viral video arrestedters being week. against the law to dance monuments.he totesters say they are going express their first amendment rights and show the world help treat peaceful people. >> the protest is expected to begin at noon. it is not clear what measures by park police to disperse the crowd. metro'ss work on blue line scheduled for this weekend. on sunday and there'll be no between theng stations. be doing some work on the telegraph road bridge.
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fortles will be available commuters. we have some new information on most deadly that winter new england wednesday. ef-as at least the category 3. three people were killed in ofnesday's storms and dozens buildings were damaged. that was some incredible stuff. on a blot on why showing up and why literallys were destroyed. outside tonight, nothing fickle about our weather. day.een a gorgeous this is annapolis.
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our temperature right now, some tomorrow,ng weather although there may be some clouds coming in on sunday. the average height is 81 , not 98 as we had in the week. at the temperatures right now. early today out in the shenandoah valley, it was chilly there, 45 degrees early this afternoon. and very county airport with a temperature of 50. children's hospital, 59 degrees earlier this morning. look at your friends down to the southeast. it has been brutally hot down there. our temperatures just average as of newwide area england. sort of a sign of what the summer may be like. overall, with the jet pattern being getting in on us, that has really made a difference. we head into the weekend,
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high pressure begins to move off. see our windsto to thea bit more airhwest as the warmer in, and with an area of pressure, watch as that comes in on us. a lot of cloud than likely some sunday.on a little bit dry even after nasties of on wednesday. kaydin out early tomorrow delightful with temperatures in the low 50's. a delightful day, although there in ine some clouds coming the afternoon. not be goodity will because a little bit of pollution begins to build up. be sure to use sun block, it takes a bit minutes to turn bright red. 50% chance of showers and some cool rain in some spots. tomorrow is the sun here today, you want to get more
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beaches, 10on the >> a local school has not forgotten the victims [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. lliterally across the street froher sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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>> it is one of america's most comfort foods but it is on a tight budget these days. business ispizza booming during these tough economic times. tonight, a group of local schoolchildren held a fund- help victims of the tsunami an earthquake in japan. hosted an animated movie night. one fifth graders family visited relatives in tokyo just before disaster and now they are help them out. a portion of tonight's proceeds earthquakeelp other
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victims. >> do you think any of them know shaq is? making headlines today. a tennis ace rose to the equation, and the bird's face the blue jays. did they do? we will tell
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>> the toyota sports desk, localt to you by your dealers, moving forward. >> after dropping as serious for the mariners, the orioles play the first time this season. batista has gone four games without a home run, his longest drought in the season. a pitch to left is gone, a grand slam, and the blue jays win this 18-four. now to the hometown team, the nationals in arizona. chris yana homers to left and diamondbacks move up to 4-0. right now is 6-8. by no means did anyone write off roger federer.
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he was the third seed with 16 butd slams under his belt, giving way to the faster opponent? judge for yourself, match point. unbeaten in 43 straight matches until right there. roger federer wins. he will face raphael and the sunday.the final on here is the play of the day -- nadal onace raphael sunday. at a pretty: one. that helped him get ahead at nine under par. whether your event of the nba or everyone has a distinct of shaquille o'neal. i remember when he left orlando won later.
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i vaguely recall a bad movie here and there. officially out of the game. he had some fun at his press conference. he retired all of his nicknames, even superman. will he miss the most? hear for yourself. >> i am going to miss a lot about the game. i am going to miss the competition, the friendship, the fans, joking with the media, and to miss thegoing free throws. presidents voted to limit annual football signing the southwest conference from 28 to 25 in an to level the playing conference that has taken the last five national football titles. a lot of people back home are not too happy about that.
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out with a bang.
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breaking news just coming in in the last couple of minutes. recreation and tridelphia recreation areas have been for tomorrow. the surge has been suspended for man andfor the missing return -- will resume in but part will be closed. >> of 50-50 weekend coming up. here is how it looks, nothing going on. morning, great weather for the cure early tomorrow morning. awonderful racing day with rigid with low humidity. be somethere will showers on sunday.
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